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Exploring The Self is your ultimate guide to understanding yourself better. Within the pages of this book, you may find yourself reflecting on your life purpose, principles, and personal experiences. If you are seeking personal growth, wanting to discover your passions and start focusing on yourself, this one's for you!


Drawing on ancient and modern wisdom as well as personal lessons and direct experiences, this book offers thought-provoking content on a wide range of subjects along with practical tools and techniques to guide readers towards greater self-awareness, responsibility and emotional intelligence to aid in growth and discovery of their own passions, life purpose and stimulate creativity for a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


In this book, you will learn: ​

  • Why it’s essential to adopt 100% responsibility for understanding your thoughts, actions, and behaviours.

  • How to build resilience and emotional intelligence to manage feelings of anger, stress, depression, and anxiety.

  • Tools to transition successfully from extreme psychological conditioning and traumatic experiences.

  • Re-parenting & parenting the next generation.

  • Taking care of your basic needs for optimal well-being.

  • Knowledge and wisdom strategies for mental health and well-being found in science, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

  • Neuroscience, epi-genetics, and quantum physics to understand the mind-body-spirit and how everything may be connected.

  • How developing your self-awareness and emotional intelligence is the key for human evolution.


This is highly-recommended for anyone seeking to achieve personal growth and reach their optimal wellbeing. Don’t wait any longer, get on the list for a copy now!

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